IF – Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting.

Perhaps this thursday might be the day for me to try this out.

It has been a topic on the Four Hour Body group on dailyburn.com

A link i found on the group as well –  Strength Training for Women

[update: 05/14/11]

Me and Dee decided to try this yesterday  instead. After going to chipotle (we kept it strictly slow carb diet), we decided to do a 16 hour fast which would last until roughly 12 pm saturday. All was going well but I did crack with menchies. We were headed to watch bridesmaids (which was pretty damn good btw) at a new theatre and it was located right next to it. I had actually told myself that I wouldn’t have  cheat “day” until I hit 150 but this was a breaker.

I don’t think IF is really for me at this moment.

I actually had about 32 grams (1 scoop and a half) of whey/casein protein (link to what i had) with 4.5 grams of glutamine and some cinnamon at around 11am on saturday. My family needed me for a few hours so I planned ahead for that. It took longer than expected and my stomach started growling a lot around 3pm. I finally ate a banana with almonds and cashews around 4pm on saturday. There is a catered family event (im going to attempt to keep my meal as scd friendly as possible, ill try and take a photo of it) that I’m attending so I’m planning for that. I’m still attempting at holding off a true cheat day until I hit 150 so I’m planning all my intake preemptively.

The impromptu decision making of this process is really what I would like to emphasize. We decided that we wanted to try out IF for fri-sat, but I also had in mind that I haven’t wanted to have a full cheat day until 150. Deciding on Chipotle as our base for the fast, and then consciously backing out of my plan and adjusting it is exactly what I am proud of.


Please view my adjusted veggie routine which IF started, and 7 days of veggies did as well!


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